Jamaica Visa Appointment Confirmation Email !!!


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Hello Everyone,


First of all, good luck to all the folks who are going for stamping and congratulations to the ones who already got the stamping.


I got into a tricky situation with my employer (not good). So, I decided to transfer my H1B to anothe employer. However, my employer refuses to give the H1 Petition / I-94 documents unless I schedule a stamping date and send him the US visa confirmation letter. So I decided to fake it and told him that I will be going to "Jamaica" to get the documents. I have completed the DS-160 document but I do NOT really want to schedule a visa appointment.


All I need is, someone to forward me the Jamaica confirmation letter (please feel free to change the numbers if any) received when the us visa interview was scheduled.


I know, you don't need to do all this to a complete stranger but if there is anyone here (who has already finished the interview) willing to share the email and help me get through this situation, I would be really grateful to the person.


Thanks a bunch in advance even if you read this post.


PS: Per the rules, I have updated my profile page with the gmail information instead of posting the email address on this post..


Thanks a lot


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@Maverickp - I got the drivers license just a month ago. Did amendment just 3 weeks ago which results in a new I797 and yes, he sounded a lot fishy and hence I decided to move.

@AjaySharma - The payments made are NON refundable and or should be used in the same location. I would be losing the money eventually just for a confirmation letter.


Thanks for reading through and replying.

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