Changes to the initial entry permit issued for Indian citizens visiting Jamaica!!


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Hi all, i just found out this from Jamaica consulate in Newyork that indian citizens will only be given a 10 day stay at the initial entry permit. I did find this information on the Jamiacan embassy at Newyork site. I called them and they confirmed that this is a new change being implemented. Dont know what is the start date of impelmetation. Here is the link again for your convenience.



So, now the question is what happens if one has to stay back in Jamaica for more than 10 days due to admin processing. I did ask the embassy the same question and they said the candidate has to apply for visa priorly before entering if anticipating to stay more than 10 days. And we can never anticipate how long it takes. Thought this information might help people planning to visit Jamiaca for h1b stamping.


If anyone visited Jamaica very recently like in last week, please post how long did the entry permit allow you to stay in Jamaica initailly. If you had to stay for longer, what did you do? Thank you.




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