change of employer & visa stamping


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my wife has had visa stamping till april 2015. But last year in may (2013) she accepted full time opportunity with a different company. we are planning to go to india this year (2014). Does she need to appear for visa stamping now?

If she changes employers there is no need to go for stamping as long as old H1B visa is valid at the time of travel.

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Yes, Ideally no visa stamping is required but I had a different experience at LAX POE last week. The CBP officer has asked multiple questions like -


1) Why did you change your employer?

2) How did you find this employer?

3) Are you performing the same role now with the new employer?

4) You employer head quarters are located in the city XXX, why are you reporting here?

5) what is your designation?

6) Did you move to this new employer in India or in US?


I did not expect these questions at POE. Usually we encounter these question during a visa interview.


Finally she has marked the end date as the end date on the new petition. 

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