Canada visitor visa rejected


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I had my canada visitor visa rejected based on following


"From the documents which you have submittted in support of your application, i am not satisfied that you have answered all questions truthfully, as required by subsection 16(1) of the Act. Specifically, i am not satisfied that the following information is truthful:

You did not provide all your background information(All employment and all studies)as well as all countries you have visited or resided for the last 10 years"

and had this check box checked "Your travel history" in the rejection letter.


On careful review of my application again i noticed that there is one section that asked for last 10years of employement for which i have only provided 6years history. Apart from that everything else looks good. Can some one advice if ressubmitting application again will that part corrected help me to get the visa. Also if i get visitor visa rejected once again-will it have any impact when i go to get my H1b stamping elsewhere?Will the officer know that i was rejected visitor visa to canda twice? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thx

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