what is the best way to re-do i485 ? (cheapest way -money-wise)


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my first i485 was denied ( approved NIW i140), because they said i am out of status for over 180 days ,

I did appeal , and it is pending now

i was scared , in that moment, i used  eb1a  485 to maintain my status,(pending i140 + i485)


then i got h1b, then i am coming back today to states via new h1b i94

so my question is

1)I can re-do the 485 , two people , around > 2000 $

2) or do i have some way to make use of the pending 485 ?

open that appeal pending i485 , let visa officer know i already reinstate my status了

if i want to save money to use second way, how should i do it ?

 thanks a lot , if no other way, i will redo the 485

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