H1 B Amendment Processing time VSC

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Hello Everyone !


I am planning to go to Canada for H1 B Stamping in March or April. We filed an amendment regular processing due to client location change ( EVC Model) end of November 2013. I have approved I-140 with 3 year extension  till end of 2016 and on 8th year of H1 B Visa .


How long is it taking for VSC to process Amendment due to client location change ? Currently we submitted an email from client with job duties and responsibilities and vendor letter with PO Number and end date till June. 


I would like to know when would be a good time to book the visa appointment slot for US Consulate in Ottawa. I already had my F1 to H1 stamping done back in 2006 with no issues. 


Please advise as to how I should proceed with booking visa slot before amendment comes through or wait for it. My employer decided to file in regular processing to avoid the 1225 premium charge. 


Thanks !

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Hi Dude, 


I am in the similar situation, I am applying an H1-Amendment today or late by Monday 02/09. fortunately I am also planning to ottawa for stamping. I was a student till 2009 and then got my H1. I have never got any H1 stamping. This will be the first time. 


Another similarity b/n ur and mine case is I am on H1B Extension till 2017 (140 Based), Can you please share your email address with me ?




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