H1B transfer from India


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Hello Experts,


I am on H1B and my H1B expired by End of Dec 2013 and have applied for extension through my company in regular processing. Now because of budget issues with the current client, I need to leave this project. Please advice on the following issues.


1. Now-a-days, extension decision by USCIS is taking average of 6 - 8 months. I am interested in changing my employer and my company is pushing me to go back to India. Now if I go back to India, is it possible to do the H1B transfer from India to any Indian Company or Company based in USA and again travel back to USA? Please also advice the requirements for H1B transfer from India.

2. Is upgrading to premium processing will help?

3. I have applied for my extension by 1st week of Dec 2013, hence please advice if it is fine to upgrade to premium processing now?


Thank you for your prompt response.


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