Which location to choose for stamping


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Hi Folks,


From what I hear from people around and reading Murthy forum.


Canada or Jamaica which place is good to go for stamping. I will probably go between Oct - Dec this year after my H1 extension.I live in NJ/NY area and I work in EVC model. Im in the country for 8 years and H1 extension based on I-140 . I'm working for the same employer for past 6.5 years. I got 3 stamping in my passport without any issues.


But if I go to Jamaica will they ask a question why I didnt go to my home country/Canada( nearby to NJ/NY area) for stamping. and whats the need to come to Jamaica.


In Canada which are the Embassies good to go?


Vancouver/Calgary/Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec City ?


Im just confused with the whole process. which country to choose and if so, which embassy in Canada.


All my records are good but I'm in EVC model. I can get client and vendor letter.


Can I say I did come to visit Jamaica for tourism purpose in the winter time or Canada to meet relatives.


Anybody's advice on which location to choose?





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Kavitha I was under the same impression of which place to choose but I can give you a few pointers from my homework

1) Be confident and get ready with all the docs on your intw check list and you should be fine anywhere

2) As of now in Canada I see - Vancouver, Clagary and Ottawa as places to go

3) Jamaica I m not too sure about the process but as Indians we dont need a visa to goto Jamaica! (while u return u need u r US Visa stamped)


Its too soon to even to choose and be prepared since you would be applying in the end of the year but yes be confident and have all the paperwork ready and you should be okay anywhere

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