Care to Share / or / Check the Checklist for H1B Renewal?


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Could anyone care to Share / or / Check my  Checklist for H1B Renewal?

Please advise any additions or deletions (would appreciate it)


1. Passport and Passport copies of all pages
2. I-797 – Original
3. DS-160 confirmation page (Barcode Printout)
4. Original interview appointment letter
5. I-129 & H1B cover letter
6. Copy of LCA
7. Pay stubs for the last 2 years
8. Employer letter/ Employment Verification Letter
9. Client Letter – Make sure Client mention Petitioner’s name in the Letter
10. Vendor letter
11. Employer agreement / Employment contract letter signed by you and Employer Company (Original) / Contract between candidate and petitioner
12. Experience letter
13. Project documents
14. Organization Structure
15. Employer Tax returns 3 years and financial statements
16. Quarterly unemployment wage reports for last 6 quarters and Employers list (Org chart)
17. Notarized list of all employees from my company at the listed job site with specified information about each employee
18. H1B data collection and filing fee exemption supplement
19. H classification supplement to form I129
20. H1B visa petition and supporting docs filed with USCIS
21. SOW (Vendor - Client) / Contract between vendor and client – IF Possible
22. Work Orders / Purchase order (Employer - Vendor)
23. Contract between petitioner and vendor
24. Proof of payment
25. Letters verifying your employment history and specific work skills (promotion/ appreciation/project certification letters) (if available/applicable)
26. W2’s and Tax Returns (for the entire period of your stay in USA)
27. Bank statements for last 2 years highlighting Direct deposits
28. Previous I-797A and LCA (If any)
29. Updated Resume
30. I 20's (All Original)
31. OPT Cards
32. Work location pictures
33. Client ID/Badge, Employer ID/Badge
34. Timesheets
35. Client location photos (optional)
36. Two passport size photographs as per specification
37. Work Experience Certificates, reference letters, appreciation certificates from previous employer/s (from the start of your career)
38. All Original Academic Credentials along with mark sheets(MS, BTECH, INTER, 10th)
39. SSN card
40. Drivers license
41. A detail report on the project that you will work on at client including the technical details, timeline, current status, employees assigned etc. / Status Reports
42. Previous L2 visa details
43. Employer's Financial statements.
44. Marriage Certificate for Prev L2 records and relarives in US proof.
45. Employer Letter to Port of Entry officer.

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For me it's looks good enough of above checklist for H1-B renewal.

Please make sure you carry the Vendor and Client letter which had a valid of within a Month.

Please clarify difference 

1) Vendor letter and Contract between petitioner and vendor?

2) financial statements and Bank Statements ?

3) W2’s and Tax Returns?

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Hi Joe

I dont have a Employe - Client - Vendor Model, I am a Fulltime Employee


1) If you are contacting from a vendor please do carry anytype of agreements between your Direct employer and the Client you work for.

2) Regarding Financial Statements I meant like Bank montly slips, Tax returns from bank or other sources etc.

(again these are just good to carry not mandatory)

3) W2 is the year end Pay recipt you get from your Employer and Tax returns are the ones you get back(from IRS)

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