Porting of old PD to new approved I-140


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I have an old approved I-140 with a PD of 2009.Now my current employer filed my PERM and my I-140 was also approved.

But when I checked with my attorney,he said that there was a problem that the old PD was no transferred to the new approved I-140.

I saw few threads which said that sometimes the new I-140 has the old PD and sometimes not which is creating a confusion for me.Hence appreciate if you can answer my query and clarify my doubts w.r.t the current USCIS policy/procedure on the same.

As a company policy,I will not be getting my new approved I-140 notice copy so I think that the new approved I-140 might be showing the new PER approval date instead of my old PD.

My attorney has put in a SR for porting the old PD to the new approved I-140 about a month back but no response yet.

What is the maximum time the USCIS should take to port the old PD to my new I-140?

Also since my company doesnt provide me with the approved I-140 approval notice copy,what is the procedure for requesting the same from USCIS?
Also how long does it take to get the approval notice copy from USCIS?

Do they send the another copy of the original approval notice or just a photocopy of the approved I-140?


Plz advise.


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