H1 B visa stamping in Qatar.First time visit after approval


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I am planning to visit Qatar where my parents live with my wife H4 after 5 yrs.We had our H1 b and H4 approved 3 yrs ago.We have a priority date of Dec 2011 and I-140 approved under EB2.Our baby will be born in May 2014 and planning to travel with him in July.


1)What papers should I carry?

2) Is the procedure any different if I appear for stamping in Qatar?

3)If the visa stamping is rejected by any chance, how soon could I re appear for another appointment ,in may be in India?

4)My wife had a shoplifting case in  Nov 2011 and it was dissolved in July 2012.Should we be concerned about rejection because of that? We have a desolution form , but anything else to carry ?

5)I have my visa approved until dec 2014 which can be renewed indefintely. In that case,  If once stamped, do I have to repeat this again every 3 yrs?



Please respond at the earliest.





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