Benefits of having approved I-140?


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Hi friends,


Currently I got my I-140 approved from company A.I'm planning to move company B next month and they will not be doing GC processing for me.I also learned from this forum , that PD date can be retained with approved I-140 when another company file GC. However i got few questions listed below.



1)Once I-140 is approved, how long it can be valid provided Company A does not revoke it ?


2)After my 6th year of h1b completion, can i use I-140 which was previously approved from company A(where company A does not revoke my I-140) for my 7th year H1B extension in company B or C, if yes does the designation,roles and responsibilities  in company B or C have to match with I-140 of Company A?


3)The other option i have is to return to my current employer A during my expiration of H1B visa, so that i can use the I-140 approved from company A, will this work?


4)Also please let me know any other benefits of approved I-140 apart from the scenarios listed above?




Appreciate for your valuable inputs.

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