F2A filing before leaving to India

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I am residing in USA on H1B visa with valid visa stamped until September 2015. I recently (DEC 2013) got married to an US permanent residence. Now we are planning to go to INDIA for a month. I have heard as priority dates are moving fast and currently it is September 2013. I am planning to go to India in JAN 11 2014 and will come back in FEB 16 2014. My questions are as under:


1) If i file my 130 now and leave (JAN 2014), will there be any issues while re-entering US? I do have H1B visa until 2015.


2) If somehow during my stay in India if the dates become current, will it be difficult to re-enter US with my valid H1B visa?


3) How much time it will take to get the current priority dates to become Jan 2014?


4) Once the date becomes current how much time it takes to get green card?



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