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Hi Frnds,

on Dec 16th I went for H1b Stamping @ Kingston. every thing went well and will let you know my experience.


First is First: Visa Interview.

- my interview is at 7AM and I went there at 6AM. got out by 8:15

- I did not open my folder, He asked me five simple questions. ITs the same with almost every one. they have all the information on there PC, I don't know why they ask for stuff in India.


   1) what is ur Job Title. 2) what is ur Salary 3) what are ur responsibility's 4) what is ur Highest Degree 5) Why did u get more salary than ur LC.


- they were 12 Indians who came for H1b and out of them 10 got approved and 2 got Pink slip.

- every one were asked simple questions, so do not worry about it. Just answer to the question, do not confuse the VO with extra information.

- Coming to the pinK slip guys, 1) One guy did not do H1 Amendment. 2) the second one confused the VO with extra information.


at the end the VO said my Visa is approved and you can collect on Thursday. Some people got it on Wed.


**** Please take ur Motel Information to Embassy, u need to write it down on the Red slip. so they might contact you in case of emergency.



Other things,


Do not change ur Dollar's, Please take some 500 -  1000 USD. that will be good for  the trip


Kingston port of entry:

- they will ask some questions but will never pay attention to it. they will ask for ur return ticket and ur hotel address. so keep them out.


Kingston to Motel Taxi: 30 USD ( u will find them outside airport.)


I stayed at www.theliguaneaclub.com/

ITs just Ok. But not great. the embassy is 15 mins from hear. and if you ask for Tonny at the Frount desk he will take u there for 5USD. defnetly not a great CAR but ur purpose will be served.


there are some nice Hotels nearby if u can spend some money. Like www.courtleigh.com and www.jamaicapegasus.com

at least get in to these motels for the day before interview.


in all the hotels above u will be served with breakfast.



I went to visit Dolphin Cove and www.dunnsriverfallsja.com both the places are nearby are two hours from Kingston.


we hired a different driver Name: Lional, he took our photos and speaks good English and got a nice CAR. can be Trusted.


Phone Number of the driver:







US Port of entry.


Just some simple questions.




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