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I am planning to go to Chennai for my H1B visa stamping in January 2014. I had some questions regarding the interview waiver program.


My case is as below:


Came for Masters (F1)- 2005

1st H1b filed- 2007

1st H1b stamped in Chennai- 2008

2nd H1b filed- 2010 

Did not go for stamping on the 2nd H1b

3rd H1b filed- 2013

Planning to go for stamping to Chennai in January 2014


All H1b's were filed by the same employer. Am I eligible for the Interview Waiver Program/ Dropbox process for getting my H1b stamped. I was not ten printed during my first H1b stamping in 2008. If I am eligible for the Interview Waiver Program, is there any way I can just go for ten printing and then use the dropbox facility.


Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You in advance.

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