Multiple H1b transfer and company acquisition


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I am currently on H1b visa for Company A. I am on FMLA valid from Oct 27 to Jan 23 due to child birth. Company A will be acquired by Company B on Jan 1- 2014 and they are now transferring my Visa.   Company B sent out an offer letter stating the start date as 1/1/2014 in order to avoid lapse in benefits  (though I could be joining only on Jan 23rd)  and the contract has a 4 week notice period.

Meanwhile,I want to join Company C and they agreed for premium processing and will file by the first week of Jan. Company C wants me to join by Jan 23rd




1) If my visa for Company C gets approved by Jan 20, can I directly start working for Company C even though there is a 30 day notice period.


2) If I join company B on Jan 23rd, can I join company C with approved petition after 30 days?



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