Name Change in Passport while on H1B which is close to extension


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I’m currently in U.S.A on H1B visa, I wanted to change my name in Passport. Actually in my Passport, my First Name is "Rajeshkumar" and Sur Name is "Ganesh Manikkam", but in all the documents apart from passport, I have my Sur Name as “Ganesh " only. Manikkam is my grandfather name which is not present in any of the documents, So I would like to change my Sur Name as “Ganesh " in passport instead of " Ganesh Manikkam ".

When I went through the procedures I found two ways for applying name change in passport in U.S. through Indian embassy.


One is by given newspaper add in U.S and India and wait for 30 days and after 30 days I can apply for name change in Passport with the newspaper clippings as proof.

Second method is by changing the name through U.S court. Where I will change the name in court order and then apply for name change in passport. But both these methods are time consuming process, which will take at least 60 days time.  Where 30 to 40 days for newspaper add and another 3 to 4 weeks to get new passport.

Since I have to apply for H1B visa extension in another 30 to 40 days, is there any other ways through which I can change the name in passport earlier and apply for extension.


Also if I change the Sur Name now in Passport will that be a problem for extension. Please advise.


Early advice will be really helpful

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