Question on EB-2 & EB-5 Greencard and H-1B visa status


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Hello! Sorry I am combinig few questions together below, would really appreciate your responses, thanks ahead of time!

(1)I completd 4 years of my H-1B status on 10/1/2013.I am now looking for new opportunities for companies willing to file my Greencard under EB-2 category. Since I am only left with 2 years of my H-1B status, How soon do I need to find a company and get my greencard process started to make sure my LCA,I-140 and I-485 are filed in time so that I can stay and work in U.S.A after my 6th year on H-1B is completed?

2)Is it legal for me to invest in crowdfunding websites like kickstarter?If a crowdfunding website offers profits for products sold that I have invested in, am I eligible to get a share of that being a funder? I'm asking this question since this is equivalent to investing in stock markets which is legal on H-1B.

3)Am I eligible for EB-5 category Greencard if I can invest $500,000 in a TEA that will create at least 10 jobs,while still being on H-1B? Or do I have to return back to India and file a new EB-5 GC application? Will USCIS take my M.S degree and 5 yrs H-1B work experience while considering my EB-5 Applcatn?Since I have this option and want to settle permanently in U.S.A, I would like to know my options for the same.


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