H1B approved on december 16 but still waiting for passport -- ottawa


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I had my Visa interview one week back on Dec16 at 7:30AM in ottawa canada and its approved. VO said me to check an update after 4 business days since the database is not updated.This is my first H1 and this is F1 to H1.Today is 6th business day and i still see the status as Admin processing in CEAC website and no information is available in CSC Visa information services. Is there anyone facing the same issue.?

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My visa interview experience ---


Here are the questions VO asked me:


Who is your current employer?

how long you are with your employer

 so you studied masters at lafayette? i said yes

did you like the place?

what is your major?

he is impressed with masters degree..i thought its done ..but he was looking into the system..and he asked me if i am working at any client location...i said yes..

he asked me what i do for the client? i explained my job duties and responsibilities

he asked me the client name and asked me to spell it...

he asked who is paying me ??client / employer?>

i said my xxx employer name and he is paying me...


he asked my w2-forms...i showed him..also he asked my i-129 petiiton...and supporting docs used


he asked my recent pay stub..i showed him...


he looked at it and asked why is Yeartodate income was around 15k if you are working from january ,it should be more....i said i was on OPT till sep 2013 and payroll will be changed from october 2013..so the year to date will reflect from october 2013 ..he said it makes sense....he typed some information and said u can collect your passport may be after 4 days..since database is not  updated ..gave me the loomis information....

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I waited for more than 1 week, i emailed embassy on tuesday morning and got the following reply.





Your application is still being processed. The issue was that your PIMS did not reach our system until yesterday. Please keep monitoring for updates on your application.


u need to wait for few more days...i guess.

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@vssundeep1986 Thank you...

Why CEAC website shows Admin Processing with text that says it will take weeks to several weeks to complete AP, though visa officer clearly said that the visa is authorized/approved and when to collect PP.


Can you tell me AP and associated text in CEAC website is generic or something seious?


can anyone put some light on it?

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I emailed embassy today morning.my case is still showing admin processing. i got the following reply.i am not sure why they are waiting to print visa.its been 2 weeks :(





Your visa has been approved in the system and we are waiting to print the visa. Please note that we are still waiting to print approved visas since the 23rd of December. Please keep checking the LOOMIS site for updates.



Thank you

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