problem with retrieving DS-160


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Hello All


I am facing problem using my Application ID that I generated 2 days ago.

Step1 :
I went to the following webpage: https://ceac.state.g...IV/Default.aspx and selected the location, then clicked the "Start Application". This generated the Application ID for me. I filled out the security question and printed the Application ID page for my reference in the future.

I immediately used the above generated Application ID to successfully book a visa slot for the location of my choice.


Now, when I am using this Application ID to start filling my DS-160 Form. When I click on "Retrieve Application" button on the same webpage (pasted above), I enter the Application ID (generated in Step1), it asked me to enter the 5 letters in surname and DOB - I enter the requested info and click on "Retrieve Application" button, but it is saying the following:

Please correct all areas in error as indicated below. Once you have finished, click ‘Retrieve Application’ button to continue completing your online application form.

  • Surname does not match.
  • Year of Birth does not match.

I don't no What went wrong,

Please help as I am very confused at this point, because, I used the same Application ID to book my Visa Slot, and this same Application ID is not working to complete my DS 160 Online Form.

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