Administrative Processing on December 18th 2013


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I had my visa on the 16th, status was changed to admin processing on 18th...passport and 797 both with the VO...still waiting here...


Kinda sucks when u have all documentation and the VO doesnt ask for any...just looks at his PC and decides that the case will be for admin processing...huh!!

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So cant we ask the VO  for our passport and go back to India rather than waiting in canada, without knowing for how long..??


Also, once the VO says visa is issued, why are they changing online status to Admin processing? .. this is a recent phenomenon in some US consulates in canada.

@ Sachin : You can always ask the VO to give passport back if you seems that the processing is delaying ..... They will send a clearance email ones they are ready to issue...then u can submit the passport.

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