Visa Approved @ Calgary Dec 18th


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Visa officer was a lady around 45 years .Same questions have been asked for my friends who went the other day as well.We had the appointment @ 8 AM .There were few other guys who had the interview same time.All of them got approved .


Here are my Questions:

1) Are you going to work with same employer once you return to US ?
2) Do you work at the client location?
3)What do you do for them?
4) Highest degree ?
5)Major ?
6) Are you being paid on time?
7) Do you have any problems with employer ?



My friend went to a different counter @ 9:20 AM and he was a guy middle aged @ counter 4 .Not many questions were asked .He only asked about the roles and responsibilities and approved the visa ..


Thanks guys for all the help in this forum ..

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