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Hello All,


I'm looking for some general advice for a British/Irish Citizen trying to work and make a life in the US.


I am currently on an L1-B which expires in December 2014, I work for an international engineering consultancy (construction) and my work contract expires in January 2014, the company that I am with are dragging their feet on whether they are going to extend my contract and hence by visa passed December 2014 (which I believe is a fairly simple process to extend upto 5 years in total).


With that being said I am exploring my options in order to stay in the US. I presume the easiest way for me to stay in the US is to find another company to sponsor me, but what is the cost of this sponsorship and how onerous is it? And is there anything I can do to make myself a more attractive prospect for a US company? Is it an easy process to transfer one sponsorship from my current company to another US firm? Or would the whole immigration process need to be started from scratch (and from the UK?)


Ideally I would like to apply for a visa which would let me work in the US with no restrictions to working for one company. How do I go about this and does such a visa exist for somebody in my position? I'm a civil engineer with 9 years of experience.


Hope that people can help.





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No company can sponsor H1B until April 1 for Oct 1 start. Unless and until one holds a green card (legal permanent residency), you are subject to employer sponsorship. The total time a worker can be on L1B and H1B is 6 years.


Read the USCIS website for explanations of work visas.


Dave,  Unless you have professional registration (preferably a NCEES record), you need to be very careful about which jobs you apply for.

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