H1B Visa stamping in Monterrey- dec 12 2013


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HI Everyone


My visa got approved today in Monterrey mexico ,  Just thought of sharing this experience with all of you


VO : Why Monterry for Visa stamping

Me : have my extended family - just answered that

VO: Which company u work for and what do u work as

Me : Answered accordingly

VO: where is ur company located at

Me : Answered


I dressed in a suit so she was joking that i was way too dressed for this counslate ..lol


VO: Ur visa got approved

Me : Thanks


Everything happened in 40 mins , so i am going and picking up my passport tomorrow at the same counslate at 12PM.


I think monterrey is a good option for people who look for H1B stamping as very very less people come here and  i was the only 1 today.


Good luck guys !!




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if anyof you guys want to select monterrey , airport is 40 mins from the downtown and the taxi charges 250-300 pesos(which is 25-28$). American counslate and ASC for finger printing are in downtown so its better to take a hotel in downtown or san padro .if you are staying in downtown you dont want to walk or be outside the hotel after 7 PM. San padro is very good and safe. i stayed in SAFI VALLE hotel in san pedro . its just 15 mins on taxi to the counslate. i hired a taxi guy for 3 days for 1200 Pesos which i think is the best option. I would say monterrey is a little expensive but a very good option for H1B stamping.

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