AOS Stuck with USCIS over 24 months


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I filed my original EB3 Application for Employment based GC in Aug 2004. I refiled it under EB2 category in August 2011 and received approved I-140 in Nov 2011 with retained priority date. The priority date has mostly been current for me in last 24 months, however the 485 is not getting processed. I have filed many service requests with USCIS, talked to Level 2 officers, visited local USCIS office - each conversation / SR resulting in promise to take action withing 60 or 90 days but nothing happens. I have also requested support through Senator's office - however that didn't seem to help either. Per USCIS officers, everything about my application seems fine but they are not able to explain the reasons for delay. Anyone with a similar experience? Any ideas how to proceed?



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1. Case problem report with the CIS Ombudsman office.

2. Start interviewing lawyers for Writ of Mandamus lawsuit - or threat of a lawsuit (some lawyers swear it works just as well).


As far as the reason - do you know if your namecheck has cleared? Generally, that's the most common reason for the delay. I had my case stuck, in it, too. When I took an InfoPass, I just asked the officer whether my namecheck cleared, and got an answer. However, it may be that I got an answer because I am a blonde and good looking young woman.

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