221g blue form at Mumbai on 29th Nov 2013


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I am a Chemical Engineer and have been working in US since 5 years. This was my second H1B stamping at Mumbai and I received a 221g blue form (which lists Resume/Itinerary/Invitation letter/fundung etc). The consular officer didnt request me any documents but just gave me this form. 


1) Anyway, I am going to send all the required documents asap. Is there any chemical engineer on this forum who had this same issue and how long did it take for you to receive a reply? 


2)They asked me to include the details about my research. However I havent done any research in my job or during my masters. So i am planning to just write a statement that no research was done or is planned for future. Is this reply adequate or should I elaborate more. Please reply how anyone with this 221g has responded before.


3) Is it advised to have a lawyer look at the documents. All of these seem pretty straightforward to me.


4) for Purpose of visit statement, does anyone have a good sample showing what details have to be included.


Thank you in advance.



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