Collecting Passport from Loomis imp. Info


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Hi All,


Once the Visa Officer says your Visa is Approved. That is not the end of it. Make sure you check the status online. I have seen a case where VO Approved the Visa yet Status is Admin Process. Don't panic, just look for it in CEAC site.

Keep checking in the Loomis and communicate the passport pick up to ur fellow people.


When u go to Loomis, Note down your Way Bill Reference Number and also tell both Ur Last Name and First Name and Middle Name. It is different convention in Canada for people that are from different countries that work in Loomis.






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@VisaStampinCanada: Dear, I'm really in bad phase & stressed out. My situation is exactly what you've mentioned. VO approved on 22nd Nov @Vancouver & asked me to collect PP in 3-4 business days. All of my friends even interviewed after me got PP & got their status update on 25th itself but for me why is it keep showing "Admin Process" . Did you or anyone face this delay? I'm keep having scary thoughts when seeing "Admin Process". Please advised & can appreciate truly if you can pls contact me on my profile id:


I've my flight book on Friday to India & scared to screwed up :(..Waiting..

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