H1B visa- i797 not visible in interviwing officer's system, during visa interview


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When I went for visa stamping at a US consulate, I was told that my i797 was not yet visible in the system
and hence the visa approval could not be completed today. But the interviewing officer took my passport and a photo copy of my original i797, and I was also told that I will get a confirmation email in the next two
days regarding the approval of my H1B visa . He said he couldnt approve my visa because he was not seeing my i797 on his system.

Has anyone been in similar situation? Was this resolved without any problem? Is it a technical system error or will this go into administrative process for further analysis? I was not given 221G or any other slip to send further documents. But I was told that they will get back to me in couple of days regarding approval of my visa. 

Thank you     

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