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My case is extremely different.

My PERM was applied  before 4 months of my 6th year H1B expried through my employer 'X'.

So I changed my status from H1B to F1. Now I am continuing my F1 Status. My  PERM got approved on June-2013 and I140 got approved on Sep 2013. Mean time I got CPT from my school through another employer called 'Y'.

My CPT is going to expire on 12-Dec-2013. But my F1 Status is still going on. My new employer 'Y' filed LCA on 12-Nov-2013 , till now waiting for LCA approval. Employer 'Y' applying H1B through premium process based on my I140 approval by previous employer 'X'.

The new project is started on 9-Dec-2013.

My question is,


If my H1B approved on or before 12-Dec-2013, its fine. No Problem.


If my H1B is got to get delay and my CPT expires on 12-Dec-2013, What is the alternates ? How I can continue the new project ? My F1 Status is valid till 16-Jan-2013. I can extend my F1 by registering one more year. But no CPT.

Kindly provide me inputs.




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