H1B transfer Premium processing delay


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My H1 transfer was filed on premium processing on Oct, 26th, RFE date- Nov, 5th   and current  status is RFE. My new employer A is still working on collecting docs for RFE reply. My current VISA has expired in Oct'2014, however my H1B /I-94 transfer has been extended to 2016.  I need vacation for 2 weeks in Feb'2014 due to some urgent personal work. That's why I want to join early.


These are my queries, could you please suggest me.


1. Should I join company A ( which is processing my H1 transfer)? Don't know how much time USCIS will take to change RFE status to  'RFE Response Review' and approve? Should I take this risk, if I have one more offer ? I have heard, 99% of  RFE cases got approved if docs are proper from client and candidate.


2. I have another offer of company 'B'. Can I ask company 'B' to file H1 transfer in case of rejection of my H1 with employer A in worse case? Is there any time limit to apply after switching to 'without status' after H1 rejection. Can I stay for a month or for few weeks? Do I need to go back to India in case of rejection?


3. Should I inform my leave plan to my new employer 'A' before joining? or should I wait for VISA approval and joining. Please suggest perfect time. I have a good relationship with delivery manager. Willit be any risk for VISA stamping in India after employer change?





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