ReEntry using Green Card

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I got a green card in Jan 2013, suddenly my father got serious illness and I had to travel back to India on 8 Jun 2013 to take care of him.

Currently I am still in India. Wanted to check if there will be any problem to my green card status or will there be any queries raised at port of entry if I stay beyond 6 months in India.


Pl advice



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To stay outside the U.S. and maintain your permanent residency visa (green card) for greater than 6 months (up to 2 years) requires a reentry permit.  However, a reentry permit must be applied for, approved, and received before leaving the U.S.  In the situation you posted about, I would consult with a qualified, experienced immigration attorney, as they would be better able to advise you on your options and the necessary actions you should to take.  (There is a SB-1 Returning Resident visa, but I would not rely on that without advice and a strong recommendation from an immigration attorney.)

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Yes. You are expected to live and work in the US as a LPR.  Stays between 6 months and a year MAY be problematic but are not automatic forfeiture of GC. Stays longer than 1 year are a major issue. You need to return to your US home ASAP.  (I hope you are not working in India.).

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