I-94 Corrections after expiration


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Recently (November) my license (Texas) was suspended asking me to provide proof of my legal status.


After visiting the DPS office I came to know that my I94 is expired 7 weeks ago as per official CBP site.


In the month of February I traveled to home country at that time I do have 2 I797's one that expires on Sept 2013 and the other June 2015.


I returned back in March 2013, at the POE the office issued me I94. I didn't know how important it is to check your I94 until I faced this issue. The POE office returned by both I797's along with my passport, the I797 that expires on June 2015 still has I94 at the bottom. so I always thought my I94 is valid till June 2015.


After visiting DPS office I understood the severity of my situation. Next day I visited Dallas deferred CBP office to see my luck.I almost lost hope the way CBP officer handled/addressed the people that talked to him before me The officer over there didn't even give me a chance to explain my case. he just collected my passport verified I94 on his computer and told me I am past expiration date and he can't make any changes, though I tried to explain him my situation he was rude, he told me to go to POE and get new I94(which mean I need to cross the country get new VISA and reenter to get new I94).


Next day I consulted non-immigration attorney. he suggested me to get it addressed as early as possible. He told me not to cross 180 day overstay limit. He told me that as I already crossed 20 days  it doesn't really matter if I overstay for few more days as the mistake already happened, but asked me to address issues ASAP. He even told me that the same situation happened to a different person (she) 2 months ago who consulted him. He told me that lady kept visiting the deferred location multiple times and finally got it corrected at her 4/5 visit. But he even did mention that she is pretty, may be that helped her. Unfortunately I am a male and may not be pretty enough for a male officer to make the corrections. but I remembered his words "Never leave hope keep visiting deferred CBP office, you never know as there be some nice office next time you visit the office"


After lot of browsing and consulting friends I came to understanding that I am in pretty bad state. The only other option I thought at that time is only to go for VISA stamping. The day I visited DPS office is my second day at new client/project. which mean that I can't immediately go for stamping without LCA and amendment.


Next day (2 days after visiting deferred CBP office) my employer applied LCA and started working on paper work to file for my amendment.  But still I am worried about my situation as this may completely change the complete spectrum of my life.


A week alter my LCA was approved. for this entire week I am completely lost. always thinking about my situation. Having no license is like, your wife abandoning you. I can't drive, overstayed....


Almost all my paper work was ready to file amendment (a week later the day I visited deferred CBP office).


on 8th day (Thursday) morning around 7.30 for some reason I thought I should try at other deferred locations. the next nearest ones are OKC, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso. OKC is open only on Fridays next closet is Houston but I am little scared to go there as I thought CBP officer  may deport me as it is a international airport and it is a busy place so there is more chance that CBP officer may not be enough patient to give me a chance to explain my case. Next option is San Antonio. San Antonio CBP office is open from Monday to Friday 12 - 4 PM.


Around 9 AM a friend of mine and me started to San Antonio deferred CBP office. The CBP officer gave me a chance to explain my case. It just took the officer 10 minutes to return my corrected I94 form. officer issued me I94 with old number and POE date but validity till June 2015. Then I took a long breathe.


If your case is something like me never leave hope, work on multiple options in parallel. keep visiting multiple CBP locations and multiple times. As the attorney told me you never know You might be pretty enough for some one to listen to you understand and make the corrections...









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