Passport Return time from Los Angles Canada Consulate


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 Hi All,


Any idea how long its taking these days to get back the passport from Los Angles Canadian Consulate after applying online and getting a request for passport ? After getting request for passport, I had sent mine to LA Canadian Consulate on Nov 14th and they recieved on Nov 15th, last Friday


I have my Visa interview this monday, and would like to know how ling its taking these days to get the passport back


Appreciate all the replies

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it took me a week after it reached them.


this was their response when i tried to get the tracking info from them


"The visa office will not return documents using any commercial courier company.


Please be advised if you do not include an acceptable return envelope, the Consulate will return passports and documents via US Postal Service First Class Mail (average delivery time is 5 - 7 days with no tracking number). The Consulate is not responsible for any passports or documents lost in the mail.


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I got mail from embassy to submit my passport on 11/15, My passport reached Los Angles consulate on 11/18, today i am seeing that they have mailed my passport, i will get it by tommorow



I have sent a email to consulate on 11/20 to expedite the process since i have an interview on Dec 2nd


Hope this helps.....

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