Job Change - H1B - 6th year


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Visa Type: H1 B

Came to USA – Jan 15th 2010 –

Max out 2016 (3 months india vacation) – April 2016


I am joining new employer who will file my Greencard in 2014 feb in EB2 Category, and if all well, I should get I140 by end of next year ( 2014 December ). I would like to know, if I want to chage job after then, what are my options?


ü      If I transfer my h1 to new employer in 2015 sometime, will my h1b be extended 3 years on the basis on approved I140 ?

ü      If my employer does not provide copy of I140 then can I get it some other way?

ü      In what time my next employer should file my Green card so that I don’t fall in any trouble?

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