Question regrading USCIS MY Case Status page


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Hi Everyone:


As some of you might be knowing that USCIS has a webpage to check the progress of your application at


There are some steps denoted by big dots which get highlighted as the progress is made. For example, the initial stage is acceptance, then Initial review, etc.


I was wondering, say, the "Initial Review" is highlighted, does that mean the initial review is complete or it is undergoing?




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The stage / step in the process shown, e.g. "initial Review", indicates where your case is currently.  In other words as an example, "Initial Review" means that your case has completed the previous stage / step (as of the date shown) and is now at (but not yet started) or in (undergoing) "Initial Review".  There is no way of knowing whether it is "at" or "in" the stage / step shown.  It is often (most of the time) "at" the the stage / step shown, in a queue waiting for the next examination and processing by an adjudicator.

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