OPT Extension pending since more than 6 months


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Hello all,


I have applied for OPT extension to California Service center on May 2nd and now its Nov 19th and its still under initial review. I called in USCIS to expedite my case and they sent me an email out saying that "The required background checks for this case remain pending. We will render a decision as soon as the background checks are complete. If you do not receive a decision within 180 days of this inquiry, please contact  (their email address) " . I have not received any RFE or any mail from USCIS. I have graduated from one of the reputed universities and I am eligible fro STEM extension. My DSO says I can work up to 180 days from the date of the first OPT expires.My first OPT expired in July. The date is coming soon and I am scared that I might have to quit the job. Please suggest how do I proceed further with this.




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