One important thing would like to share @Vancouver H1B stamping


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 I got my visa stamped on Oct 22nd@Vancouver.


Grabbed enuf info from this forum and its time to payback.. :)


Interview Exp:


Me: GM Officer

VO: GM, can I have your documents

(Handed over my PP & i797 along with DS160 )

VO: Who do you work for?

Me: XXXX company(your employer)

VO: Looks like you did study in USA

Me: Yes

VO: Which Univ?


VO: Location


VO: what did you study there?

Me: Masters in computers science

VO: when did you graduate?

Me: (month & year)

VO: what did you do after that?

Me: I was on OPT and worked for XXXX company and moved to XXXX company

VO: Where do you work now?

Me: XXX (lca location )

VO: Can I see your LCA & Employment letter

VO: How long are you working at your client location?

Me: from last 6 months

VO: No, can I know exact date and year

Me: I said Jun 2013

(he started typing something.....looked puzzled and asked me )

VO: Can I get your paystubs and Driving licence?


He did keenly observe all the documents and here comes his final question


VO: how is that your LCA and paystubs were on AR state and your Drivers license from IL


So many answers were running in my mind and wanted to answer- " I don't drive in this new state so haven't changed my license" But, I recollected one my friend got rfe on the similar answer.


I supported myself stating that the  state rules need my i797 to issue Drivers license and please check my petition it is recently received(oct 4) -so there wasn't sufficient to apply one.


He was completely satisfied with that response and said


Your visa is approved...!! 



One observation from VO screening is - he placed LCA, paystubs and DL side by side and was trying to match the info...


If there is reasonable supporting answer in your situation, I suggest not to defend saying the truth " People can have Drivers license from any state irrespective of work location"

Of course, there are statewise rules on requirement to change licenses...pls go through them once...



Good luck everyone,,.











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