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This question might have been answered many times before but I was not able to get the right link to confirm so seeking your input on this

I have a question regarding H1B transfer

I worked for the company A for several years which is a cap-subject employer.
I moved to company B from A using my I-140 and the company B is cap-exempt employer.

1. So if I were to move company C from B which is a cap-subject employer will I be able to do the H1 transfer ?. Since I was already under cap-subject employer during my previous H1B period or should I have to file a new H1 through Company C.

2. If I cannot do H1 Transfer from company B to C because of exempt restriction can I use my I-140 from my previous employer company A to do the H1 transfer ?.

3. If I file a new I-140 through company B will my company A I-140 become invalid and is there any seperate caterogry like exempt I-140 and subject i-140 ?.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can guide me on this. Basically I want to know will there be any issues while transfering from cap-exempt H1 employer to cap-subject employer if my H1 history had cap-subject employer before ?

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