Please help few questions citizenship


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Thanks in advance. 

Have been a resident for 8.5 years, got laid off from sponsor 3 months after gc was received. I would have stay 6 months or more with company but the layoff was 3 months after.

I have lost the last w2 from sponsor , cannot find it. IRS records go back 7 years sol no luck there.


I do have the laid off separation papers (like a letter from company) and every single tax return and w2 since. I stayed in the same field until now.

1. Will this be a problem?

2.Also got a ticket for more than 500 dollars other than that no other record, I guess this tickets is considered like I was cited? I paid the ticket, it was just for speeding no arrest.

3. I have no records from GC so I requested the A-File through FOIA. The status request came back as "completed" in 10/18/2013. Is this correct? I applied for it on 9/6/2013. Maybe because it was so fast, it means they cannot find my file. I read FOIA takes 6 months. 

Please help.

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