H1B Visa Stamping Approved in Vancouver -- Oct 21st

Sunil K

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Hello All,


Thanks for all the Murthy Forms which gave all the info to get my Visa Approved..! 

My situation,


Came to US on L1 in Oct-2009

Transferred to a consulting company on  H1 and had my first H1 be stamping in Hyderabad.

Filled an extension in 2010 and got approved till Jun-2013

Changed employer in Jun-2013 and got H1 approved till 2016


Here is my experience..!


My VISA Appointment was at 10:30 AM. Went to consulate at 9:30 as my hotel sharing mate had a appointment at 10:00 AM.

The guard at the Consulate won't allow you IN till 15 mins before the appointment. Waited in the Starbucks which is right around the corner of the same building. Met 4 more guys who had the appointment at 10:30 AM.


All of us went to security gate at 10:15 AM. They just check your PASSPORT, I-797, DS-160 Confirmation page and your Appointment Letter to make sure you are in their list for that day.


They also take your Mobile or any restricted items and provide you a token for the locker. Remember they take your photo ID along with it as Proof to the locker, so they took my DL and when I asked that I may need it for the Interview , the security lady said that you don't need it for the Interview.


Entered the building and went to 2nd floor, they do the security scan and a lady will take your Passport, I-797 and DS-160 confirmation and give you a token. She may ask for a photo, if your photo in DS-160 is not recent or not clear. If you don't have a photo, then their is an automated machine in the same floor which will get you the photo in a minute, but it takes only 10 dollars in Canadian currency. One of our mate didn't have a currency, but luckily I had the change...!


Your token will be called for the finger prints and once taken, they will give the Passport, 797 and DS-160 back. If PIMS is not updated, it will be written on top of DS-160 document. Out of 6 of us , 2 got NO PIMS,  out of those 2 , one sent PIMS update email a week back and one never sent. Rest 4 of us sent the PIMS update email more than a week back. So not sure if that makes sense or not. But its always good to send out the PIMS update email as a safer side..!


After the finger print scanning, you will wait for the your token to appear for the 20th floor entry. A security person will escort you and let you in to 20th floor, waited for 5 to 10 mins to appear my token at the counter.


When I went in, it was only counter 3 and 5 who were interviewing. 

I was called into Counter 5..!


me : Good afternoon Sir..

VO: Good afternoon..! Took my Passport, I-797 and DS-160


VO was looking for my previous stamping on passport and I just handed over my OLD passport. Cancelled my previous H1B stamping and gave the passport back.

VO : Do you have your previous I-797 copies

me : I said yes and provided them including the previous L1 docs


VO : What's your qualification.

me : Completed my BTech in XXX University in Electronics and Communications


VO : Do you have an End Client and where do work..

me : Yes sir xxx and I said that I work at the Client Location.


VO: What do you do for them..!

me: I explained my roles..!


VO: So its more like Financials and HR Related..?

me: I explained again about the applications in which I work.


VO: How long with the Client.

me: xx months


VO: How long with Current employer.

me: x months.


VO: Why did you change the employer.

me: Better pay and I told that new employer is a local employer.


VO: Can I have your LCA and I-I29

me: Provided


VO: Can I have your Paystubs and W2s..!

me: Provided..!


He did check all the documents roughly and was typing and checking his screen through out the interview.

Finally the golden words, your VISA is approved and handed over the white slip.


Left the place by greeting the officer THANK YOU..  :)

All the folks who attended interview got their VISA approved with 2 of them NO PIMS. I will update the post when I get the passport in Hand.


FYI: Its getting cold in Vancouver so a nice jacket is a must and you are allowed to take it into the consulate without any issues.







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This is what I know for Vancouver. Don't know for other consulates..!



To: PIMS@state.govvancouverNIV@state.gov





Hello Sir/Madam,
I am XXXXXX bearing Indian passport: XXXXXX. I have an appointment for visa stamping on XXXXX, I would like to verify my information in PIMS database.
Please find the attached petition (I-797) and Appointment Confirmation for more details.
Appointment confirmation:   Can Va -------
Receipt Number: WAC-------
Petitioner: Employer Name
Beneficiary: Your Full Name
Passport Number: 
Classification: H1B
Starting Validity Date: 
Ending Validity Date:  
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