H1B>F2>H1B. Transfer or new application?


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My previous employer sponsored my H1B (valid from December, 2010, 3 years). I lost my job at May 2013. Then I transferred to F2.



Question: If I find a potential new employer,



1. What is the difference between my case and people who switch jobs without any gaps? Is my unemployment history and F2 status in past several months make my case complex?



2. I heard "H1B transfer" around. Is my case a transfer? Or a new H1B application?



3. If it is a transfer, is it means I only have 6 months remaining from mine 3 years’ time? Does my new employer need to file an extension very soon?  


4. If it is a new application, is it subject to the H1B Cap?  Can I start to work after I get a receipt? Or must I wait for a formal approval and I-94?

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