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Hi ,


My 485 is pending (EB3) currently working on EAD. I have AP valid upto 07/2014. I will be visiting India in DEC2013 for approx 4 weeks.I will be travelling using AP for the first time.



1. While Return Journey from India to USA at Indian airport they verify the US Visa. What document I have to Show at Indian Airport?


2. At POE any Specific procedure for Entry with  AP?


3. Any suggestion on Documents I should Keep with me at POE other then Approved AP.



Thanks in Advance.



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One question: I have 2 copies of AP Document. Will 2 copies be sufficient for my Travel back to US?


I was reading one article about AP and it says 1 copy for Airline , 1 copy at POE ,and one copy will be stamped at POE and returned to Traveler.



DO I need 3 copies of AP Document? I got only 2 copies from USCIS.


Thanks in Advance.

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