H1B premium processing - stuck at acceptance - more than 15 days


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      My employer filed my H1B extension on Sept 17th, 2013 at Vermont processing center. The attorneys made a mistake and it was filed in regular. Later, my employer asked them to upgrade to premium. USCIS status website shows the application was received on Oct 5th 2013. The status is still in acceptance. It does not say anything about clock or premium processing.Today is the 16th day of premium processing.


Sept 17th 2013 -filed regular

Oct 5th 2013- upgraded to premium - status acceptance

Oct 20th 2013 - status still in acceptance


Vermont Processing Center


Any body else has the same problem?

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Hello, In the Same boat, Oct 2nd converted to Premium processing, then went to Acceptance state and is stuck in that state.

On contacting, Vermont says "Security Check" pending.

PP pending for 22 days now.


Anyone that gets through this additional delay in Premium processing, please provide feedback.



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how are the calender days calculated? are from the day USCIS acknowledges the recival of our petition or the day we sen documents to USCIS.


just curious as i did not see my application move from acceptance after 11 day since the day we send documents and 7 days since USCIS acknoweldgement.


I will try to find out about check clearance from my employer. may be this will give me an indication if USCIS is actually looking at my petition or not?


Any one had experiences or info about the period between check clearance and Approval/RFE/Denial.

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@Venki418...ur employer wil receive a mail from USCIS wer there wil b a clause "The Vermont Service Center will adjudicate this case within 15 calendar days of the "received date" set forth above." The  "received date" will be mentioned in this mail by USCIS. For me the received date is 24th Oct. So my 15 days calendar period starts then. My cheq was cleared on 28th Oct.Today its the 13th day and my status is still acceptance. But in blogs I found many cases were the status changed from acceptance to Approved or RFE directly on the 15th day.

So waiting curiously to c watz going to happen in nxt 2 days.....


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Does anyone else have any update?


@Aish86, Have you contacted USCIS about your case before you got the RFE? I also heard a lot of cases where the applicantion status got stuck in Acceptance and on the 13th or 14th day they received a RFE... I'm suspecious that USCIS is just sending out RFEs to those cases that slipped through the cracks... I contacted my lawyer about my case status being stuck in "Acceptance" and they replied with "Please do not fall panic by the website information as the posted explanation are limited and general." I AM in a panic state since I need the extension to be approved asap to be able to attend my cousin's wedding on 12/28...


My case:

11/13/2013: I-129 Received

11/14/2013: I797 Notice Date

11/14/2013 AM: Case Status in website set as "Initial Review"

11/14/2013 PM: Case Status changed back to "Acceptance"


11/20/2013: Case Status still in "Acceptance"

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