Visa stamping in jamaica on Nov 12


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This is Vinay. Actually I am planning to go for h1b stamping in next month. Can you please help me by answering the questions. And I might come with you if everything works well.




1) I am planning to go in next month. So will I get a slot in next month If I booked the slot this week or next week. And please help me on how to book the slot.


2) This is my first H1B. So can I go to JAMAICA for first h1b stamping.


3) And how many days will it take for whole process of stamping. I mean how many days do I need to stay in Jamaica for whole stamping process.


4) Do I need to take visiting visa for Jamaica.


5) And which embassy do i need to book the slot in jamaica.


6) And what questions do they ask in visa interview.


7) And where do we need to stay over there and which address do we need to provide to send our passport.


Please reply me back with answers to the above questions. 

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