Succesful stamping 11th Oct at Toronto


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I had my visa interview at Toronto on 11th Oct at 8:30 AM. I was there at 8:30 but my DS-160 photo was not clear so they asked me to take new one. I didn't have CAD (they only take cash), so they sent me to nearby conveniencet store to take new picture.


Interview questions:


When you did your masters?

Have you traveled abroad when you were on F1?

Do you have anything else apart from your F1 visa?  I showed them my OPT cards and she was convinced.

What was your major in Masters?

What your company does?

What is your job?


That's it. I'm not sure but it lasted 3-4 mins. I work for a direct client without any vendor.


It seemed like Toronto consulate is pretty small. You can hear other people's interview while you are waiting for your turn.

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