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Hi All,


I have a question on PERM, I am planning to apply under (EB3 TO EB2) EB2 in Jan or Feb 2014 so my question is can my employer start the PERM process now like defining the job description and getting prevailing wage for the position, advertise the job.

Actual plan is I am going to complete my MBA in Jan 2014, so that I can immediately start the filing for PERM so that I don’t have to wait for the initial process where my intervention is zero.  


Please advice



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If the job is for an MBA, there will be a lot of applicants. In an honest search, expect a lot of qualified applicants. 


YOU are overstepping. Your employer's attorney will advise him of the best strategy. You need to stay out of it since YOU are not going to apply for anything. YOU should not be giving your employer any advice about what to do or when it can be done.


If your employer does not have an attorney.  the only appropriate thing is for you to suggest he engage one.

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