Parents Visitor visa


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My parents have their visitor visa stamping in November 1st week. They are sponsoring their trip to US, I am just confused how to put it in front of Consulate officer that 

they are sponsoring their trip to Visit LA (In that case Consulate will ask for the hotel reservation and other booking details) or

they are sponsoring their trip to visit daughter in US ( Consulate will ask about my Visa document, Pay stubs and bank statement)


what is the best way to tell Consulate that they are sponsoring their trip and visiting daughter in US.




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I think producing air line reservations or itinerary would be feasible and pretty much required.

Now about hotel reservation: what is the issue? make some reservations in their name and produce the reservation. If they are just staying in your house, that can be mentioned as well.

Paystubs would not be required; but having a few pages in a folder with them at the interview does not hurt.

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