EB2 Education Criteria (MSc Information Systems)

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This is Siva. I had completed Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) three years degree and MSc(Information Systems) 2 years PG degree from India. I have total 9 years of experience in software. My education total 5 yrs completely into computers/Information technology. Could you please let me know whether i am eligible for EB2?

My educational evaluation certification tells that my education equal to B.S degree in information systems plus one additional year of post secondary education. Please let me know if i am eligible for EB2 filing.



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EB-2 or EB-3 classification flows from the minimum requirements of an offered job, not the educational and experiential profile of the intending immigrant.


A job is classifiable in the EB-2 category if it requires, as a minimum, either a single source Master's degree or a single source Bachelor's degree plus five years of progressively responsible experience as a requirement for the job.


Individuals with accredited Indian Master's degrees earned after completion of a three year Indian Bachelor's degree may be able to establish to the satisfaction of the USCIS that they have earned the single source equivalent of a US Bachelor's degree. If they have five years of progressively responsible experience after earning the Indian Master's degree (so long as it is considered the single source equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor's degree) they may be able to qualify for an offered job in the EB-2 category, i.e. one which requires an advanced degree or its equivalent as a minimum qualification for entry into the position.

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