Did I violate my H1B? Will there be any issues when I go for restamping


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I was laid off from company A on September 15, 2011. I accepted an offer from Company B on September 12,2011 (3 days before I was laid off from company A). Company B was still in the process of filling for the LCA. I received the receipt of filling for my H1B transfer with USCIS from company B on October 1, 2011. I started working for company B on Oct 2, 2011. So, I was not working between September 15, 2011 and Oct 1, 2011. My H1B visa from company A expired this month but the I797 from company B is valid till Oct, 2014. I will be going for re-stamping at mumbai consulate when I visit India.  had the following questions

1. Will there be any issue for re-stamping?

2 .Did I violate my H1B in any way? Do I have to mention it in DS160 ?

3. Was I on any transit status that would make my stay valid between Sep 15 and Oct 1?

4. If my visa is denied, what are my options? I want to be prepared if any documentation if required.


Thanks a lot for your help.


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