H1b visa stamping in Canada- Calgary or Toronto??


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Technically all consulates are same, rejection or RFE depends on individual case. I would suggest Calgary or Vancouver, don't go to Toronto. I'm struck with 221g in Toronto from 20 days, still waiting. Good luck with your visa.




Hi Vijay;


I went to Ottawa consulate on Oct 7th 2013 and have been waiting since then ( 3 weeks). The VO took only my I 797 and resume for sending this to DHS at washington. I was given a white paper (pamphlet) which indicated that was your visa approved and had 3 different methods to collect the passport. I dint get any 221 g form. The VO gave back my passport and informed me that they will email me to submit my passport as soon as the administrative processing was completed. He said he dint need any additional documents as everything looked fine. I guess this could be for TAL related as he was asking more about my education. I completed my masters in Biomedical Sciences. Just yesterday when I called to the DOS they still said that my application was in processing.


You had mentioned that you were waiting from 20 days. Could you please let me know if you got any email from them or any update on the CEAC website that the admin processing was cleared. I was kind of worried as my date of interview was within the govt shutdown window period.


Any inputs or suggestion. Please advice!

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